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Understanding Gab Technical Limits

Last updated: May 3, 2021 11:31 PM

Why have technical limits?
In order to maintain site reliability and to prevent spam, abuse and manipulation of follow relationships, there are technical limits regarding the rate and pace at which certain features and actions of the site are allowed. Rate limits alleviate some of the strain on the backend of Gab and reduce downtime and error pages. 

What are Gab's technical limits?
Gab does not limit the number of interactions or follows you can receive. There are, however, limitations to the pace at which all accounts can interact with other accounts and content. These limits include actions from all devices including web, mobile, PWA, API, etc. If the limits are time-based, such as daily or hourly limits, these are calculated on a rolling basis; meaning it does not reset at the start of every day or start of every hour but, rather from the time at which the limit has initially occured.

- Follower limits:
There is NO limit to the number of people that can follow you.
There is NO limit to the pace at which you can receive follows.

- Following limits:
Gab has a maximum follow limit of 10,000 for non-GabPRO members.
If you are a GabPRO member there are unique follow/following ratios that go into effect once you are over 10,000. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you are able to follow additional accounts.
If you see accounts that are not GabPRO members that follow over 10,000 people, they may have done so before these limits were put into place or were previously GabPRO members.

There are some limits as to the pace of which you follow:
All accounts can follow at most 200 other accounts per day.
All accounts can follow a maximum of 20 other accounts per hour.
If the 200 maximum daily limit is reached, then you will have to wait before following more accounts.

If you are attempting to follow a private account on Gab, you are sending them a "follow request".
Due to the nature of private accounts, Gab has a more strict limit on the limit and pace of follow requests.
The maximum outstanding follow request limit is 1,000; meaning, you are only allowed to have 1,000 open follow requests at a time before either the receiver approves your request or you withdraw your request.
There are some limits as to the pace of which you can send follow requests to private accounts:
100 follow requests per day and a maximum of 20 follow requests per hour.

- Following limit rules:
When an account is detected to be indiscriminate following or mass duplicating another account’s followers (particularly using automation), that account will be subject to review by our moderation team and may result in suspension of the account.

indiscriminate following - when an account follows and/or unfollows a large number of random or brand new accounts in a short time period, particularly by automated or scripted means;

Note, this does NOT apply to accounts that are authentically building a following though interactions and are not automated.

- Unfollow limits:
Creating your own your Gab home feed starts with following accounts that you're interested in. On Gab, follow relationships are not mutual; meaning, unless the follower and followee follow each other, only the follower will receive the followee's gab posts. We've introduced unfollow limits in order to curb abuse by accounts that implement methods of follow-baiting and follow-churn.  

follow-baiting - when an account follows someone with the intention of unfollowing them as soon as they've followed them back;
follow-churn - when an account follows and then unfollows a large numbers of accounts in an effort to inflate one’s own follower count.

All accounts can unfollow at most 50 accounts per day.
All accounts can unfollow a maximum of 10 accounts per hour.
If the 50 maximum daily limit is reached, then you will have to wait before unfollowing more accounts.

- Like limits:
All "likes" on Gab are a private interaction between two people; meaning only you as someone who likes a gab and the creator of that gab know you've liked that gab. Gab does not monitor, review or restrict the type of content that accounts can like.

While there is NO limit to the number of likes your gabs can receive or the pace at which your gabs receive likes, there are rate limits surrounding the number of likes an account can give per period of time.

All accounts can like a maximum of 120 statuses per half-hour.
If the 120 maximum half-hour limit is reached, then you will have to wait before liking more statuses.

- Un-Like limits:
In order to reduce like-follow-baiting, particularly through automated means, we have implemented limitations for unliking.

like-follow-baiting - when an account likes a large number of gabs from a particular account with the intention of unliking them as soon as they've noticed the large amount of likes and followed them.

All accounts can un-like a maximum of 100 gabs per day.
All accounts can un-like a maximum of 20 gabs per hour.
If the 100 maximum daily limit is reached, then you will have to wait before un-liking more gabs.
- Status posting limits:
All accounts can post at most 1500 gabs per day. This is further broken down into hourly, semi-hourly and minute-by-minute intervals. Reposts and quote-posts are counted as gabs.
All accounts can post at maximum:
250 gabs per hour;
100 gabs per half-hour;
10 gabs per minute. 
- Status mention limits
All account can mention at most 8 accounts per status.
If composing a comment with over 8 mentioned accounts it will link as normal and notify as expected.
If there are additional accounts over the maximum of 8 that are mentioned in a status, they will not be linked and the additional accounts will not receive notifications.

How to know when a limit has been reached?
Once you've hit one of the limits above, you will encounter a message that states something like:
"Follow failed, please try again later"
"Validation failed: Daily follow limit has been reached"
"You've triggered a rate limit by following too many people too quickly. Come back in an hour."

Depending on the type of limit that has been reached and if they are time-based or not, you may be able to continue with the action after a period of time has elapsed.

Note: These limits are automatically detected and will NOT put any flag or "shadowban" on your account.

Disclaimer: These limits are subject to change. In periods of high volume, heavy-usage or downtime these limits may be temporarily reduced. In such cases we will post an update on either our official Gab status site or make a gab on one of the official Gab accounts.

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