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How can I get my gab account and posts discovered?

Last updated: Mar 13, 2024 8:50 PM

How do I get my account and posts discovered ?

If you want your account to be discovered by more people with similar interests, here are some tips:

Profile page/bio:
  • Write something about yourself on your profile page bio. It doesn’t have to be personal info, but it should let people know you’re a human being and give them some idea of what you’re interested in.
  • If you want the entire text of your public posts to be completely searchable, have a public account that's searchable.
  • If you have a website, include a link to it on your profile bio and also link to your profile from your website. Remember to have https:// at the beginning so that people can click on it.
  • Your avatar, bio and profile page are like your calling card.  Make it count!
  • Make sure the first line of your profile text sums you up well.  This is the first impression people will see on various gab pages and when checking out your bio.
  • If you want to, add a profile picture and header /banner image, but these are both optional.   A picture may represent you, your style or interests.  
  • Write a public post saying something about yourself, posting it into the Introduce Yourself group.  Greet other new gabbers by replying to other people’s introductions.
  • Pin your introduction post on your profile by clicking the post’s icon and selecting Pin on profile.  You may pin up to 5 of your own posts to your Profile page.
Posting / sending a gab post
  • Include text descriptions on your images, video or audio vs. a simple link. A lot more people will share those posts, as accessibility info is valued.
  • Content is king !  Reposts of others content may not bring as much quality engagement and could be perceived as spammy behavior by others.
  • Cite your sources.   Gabbers value a well sourced, timely document.   Scan any links prior to posting them from unfamiliar sources.   This helps to minimize fake news and malware for your friends.
  • Be mindful of your audience.   When posting in groups, stay on topic.  Check the group's 'About' section for any group posting guidelines or moderation.
  • Groups are created and managed by gabbers, not gab.  Each group's creator / admin can modify the group's settings.
Gab's features:  Groups/Marketplace/Business Directory
  • Try joining and posting to gab groups,  They are seen even more widely than hashtags and can be a good way to connect with others interested in specific topics.
  • You might want to verify your account and website if you plan to participate in the Business Directory or Marketplace.   Upgrade to a Pro subscription for the optional account verification (blue check). 
  • Join in with conversations, follow other people, and soon you’ll get some follows back.   It won't take long if you've set up your account.  People want to get to know you before following.

Best ways to post your content

If you post stuff when you have 0 followers then your post won’t be visible to anyone.  On gab, your posts are seen by 1) your followers; 2) groups you're posting into.  Even having a handful of followers will make your posts a lot more visible, because all of your followers will see it on their own Home page. 

Gab's timelines (feeds) are chronological.  The newest posts will be at the top of the Home feed.  Your posts will be seen on your follower's Home feed.
Your own Profile page is your posting history.  Your posts are seen on your Profile page, not the Home feed.
Consider posting when your friends are online or use the Post Scheduling option available with a gab Pro subscription upgrade.

To increase your post views?  Subscribe to gab Pro.  There are several subscription choices:  monthly, annual or lifetime to suit your budget.  After you've become Pro, your posts will be seen on the Pro Feeds in the Explore tab.

Evergreen your account / Account Maintenance
Periodically, check your followers to see if they are still active on gab.   People come and go on social media.   If they haven't posted in awhile, gaining new followers will enrich your gab experience. and increase your post engagement.
Have your interests/hobbies changed?  Consider updating your bio.
Review your pinned posts for fresh content.
If your account is Private, consider a public account.
Are your avatar and profile header/banner image still relevant to your interests?   

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