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Making Friends on Gab & Increase Your Post Views

Last updated: Feb 28, 2021 1:33 PM

Increase the potential of post views and interaction with gabbers. The more eyes on your post, the more likelihood of a reply, repost or like.
Home Timeline Posts - Only visible to people that are following you or those who visit your Profile page. Aside from "Messages", these posts have the least visibility on the site, so are easily missed. There's better options.  Timeline posts by you are directed to your own profile page timeline.

Note: Any post you publish is visible to your followers or those you may tag with their @ name. So make sure to include anyone you want notified as well as part of the post.
Groups - Groups are subject to moderation by the admin(s) of the group, not Gab.  Check each group's description for more information.  Group posts are viewable by all members within the group plus any of your followers. For a member to see the post, they need to go to the group itself.  Anyone following you will have your post appear in their feed, regardless if they're a member of that group or not.

*Please note that private (locked) account posts within "Groups" are visible even to people you haven't approved of as followers.
Locking your account further limits your viewability to only your followers & will reduce interaction with other gabbers.
Conversation threads may be viewed by 1) clicking on the text or 2) clicking on the small time stamp of the post.  Locking your account is an option in Settings / Profile. Quick access is also found in the 'Edit Profile' button on your own Profile page.

Example: if you lock your account  and also choose to not follow anyone, you're vastly limiting your interaction, unless posting within a group (as stated above). Gabbers may reply to you, but can't quote your post or repost it. 
Some prefer that... up to you. 

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