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Moderation and Reporting Features on Gab

Last updated: Jan 12, 2021 2:05 AM

Gab is a free speech site that follows the law as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court and the First Amendment #1A.
This means that some speech is illegal and won't be tolerated on Gab.  Gab takes a firm stance against illegal content.  Violators may be warned, suspended or banned from using Gab's services, depending on the nature of the violation.

Find the ellipsis (3 dots) in every Gab post or directly under a comment in a comment thread, or on a Gabber's Profile page under their profile banner.
  • Mute - prevents you from seeing their content
  • Block - mutes the gabber, removes them from following you and prevents them from seeing your content  
  • Report to Gab -  notifies gab moderators
Moderation tools:
Gab believes that gabbers are responsible adults providing mute or block options  for unwanted content moderation of your own feed.  Some gabbers enjoy the free flow of free speech, others may find free speech to be raw and offensive. 
Each gabber can set their own content preferences with mute / block filters.   The filter provides a method to further refine content that you view by selecting certain words/phrases to filter out.
Great video to show how to filter links.  You can do the same with specific words.  It is CaSe and Sym8ol specific, so each variation should be added. 
Thanks to gabber @Db3

Reporting Tools:
Report to the Gab moderators anything you believe is a violation of Gab's Terms of Service or unlawful.  
Including: direct threats, porn, doxxing, fedposting, site abuse, spam or illegal posts.  

Gab group admins and GabTV Channel Operators moderate their own group/channel.  They set the acceptable posting/comment guidelines.    Please review the group description or channel comment guidelines before posting in a group or GabTV channel comment section.  If a post breaks the ToS, the admin may report it to Gab for follow up.

"Outside agitators occasionally post awful threats etc. in violation of our TOS, a phenomenon known as "fedposting."
We happily provide lawbreakers' data to law enforcement when subpoenaed, so if abusing our site is your idea of a fun time you should think twice." ~ Andrew Torba, Gab's CEO

Gab's Terms of Service:

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