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Last updated: Feb 9, 2022 4:33 PM

Gab's Marketplace - NEW!

Look for the Marketplace link in your menu or the tag symbol to access the Parallel Economy.

Create listings:
Gabbers can create listings for a variety of categories including books, electronics, tools, home goods, and more.   The Gab Marketplace can be explored without having a Gab account and listings can be shared anywhere.

There are no additional listing fees and Gab Pro subscribers can create up to 15 listings per week.   Keep your Pro subscription current to maintain your listings on the Marketplace.    Non-Pro accounts may list up to 3/week.   
*Marketplace is version 1 and will grow over time.  Editing your listing:  pull up your listing and press "Edit". Note, all edits require approval after submitting the update.

Shop the marketplace:
Anyone can view Gab Marketplace listings, ask about availability, and chat with sellers to buy their items.
Sellers and buyers must converse among themselves regarding purchasing listings, using Gab Chat or a messaging service.
Gab does not handle payment transactions for listings.

We have many different categories and listings are filling up quickly, be sure to check back often to see new listings added.   We've created a Job Board and a Classifieds section in the Gab Marketplace.  Sell those electronics you haven't used in forever, sell that Christmas gift you never opened, or anything in-between!

All listings will be reviewed by Gab team, prior to going live. 
*For the guns and ammo market, we recommend for your firearms classifieds needs.  At this time, we are not allowing listings for firearms and ammo on the Marketplace for many reasons.

Updated:  07/17/2022
Updated:  10/30/2022

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