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Text-to-image Generator - Getting Started

Last updated: Dec 31, 2023 9:15 PM

What's a text-to-image generator?

Gab's AI's software allows us to create digital images using our own image description (text prompt).  Your text prompt will be used by the software to search large databases for portions of images.  
Start here:    
  • Sign up with your email and password
  • Look for your email verification in your email inbox.  Use the link to verify your email
  • You'll now be able to sign in on your next visit to 
  • is a different site from and requires a different sign up
Use the Character sorting options to find various image generators by different style or use the generic Gabby image generator.

How do Text-to-Image generators work?

Great overview:
The software stitches together pieces of images, resulting in a 'best guess' image of your own text prompt.  Prompts can be simple, from a few descriptive words to longer descriptions of an image.   Not sure what to enter?  Try a bible verse or short poem or edit an existing prompt to customize it for you.

AI (artificial intelligence) software is used to generate an image based on your text instructions.  AI images can be simple or detailed depending upon your instructions.    The open source software has allowed gab's engineers to customize it with gab's Christian values and aligned with gab's Terms of Service.

Gab's image generator, Gabby, launched December, 2023 and is based upon SDXL, open source software.    Gabby has been upgraded and moved to the new webpage.
The images can be used for idea generation, business logos, design concepts or personal use.  Gab has no current plans to enforce copyrights for the images generated.

This feature is free to use, limited to 10 images / hour.    If you reach your maximum, you'll need to wait.
Images are 1024 x 1024, with a 1:1, square aspect ratio.
* subject to change

Text-to-image generation with AI
The technology is evolving quickly, but does have limitations that are good to know. 
AI Art, Explained
Why AI Struggles with Hands
Overview of AI's technology side:

More detail on prompts:

This group is specifically for Gab's AI art.  Review other's posts and ask questions of group members regarding image prompting.

Have fun !!

Jan 30, 2024 - updated to indicate Gabby AI image generator is under construction 
Feb 10, 2024 - updated with new site and hourly limit

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