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Adopt an Abandoned Group

Last updated: Apr 17, 2022 9:19 PM

Adopt a Group - Guidelines

If a group is found to be abandoned and without any active group admins or moderators, gab team may review the group and reassign group admin privileges to a volunteer on a case-by-case basis.   
If a volunteer wishes to accept responsibility for an abandoned group, they can contact a member of gab's support team.  If a group is found to be abandoned by gab team, the original creator/admin will forfeit his admin responsibilities.  Group administrator privileges will be transferred to the new group administrator.
 Gab believes groups are best managed at the group level by gabbers.
Considerations :
  1. Group:  Age/size of the group and activity of any existing group admin/mods.
  2. Account review:  Optimally, the gabber requesting to become the new group admin will have >9 months gab history without recent account warnings.
Best practices for new group admins of adopted groups:
  • Each new admin will be asked to review the existing group's guidelines.   
  • The new admin should  create a pinned group post to announce the change to group members.   The group guidelines should be updated to include a contact for 3 mos (min).   This will allow the group members an opportunity to ask questions of the new admin.
  • A  trusted, co-admin or moderators selected by the new group admin are recommended to assist in group management, especially for larger, busy groups.  
These are general guidelines designed to enable a smooth transition for both the new group admin and group members.   We expect any volunteer to manage the existing group in the spirit in which it was created.   

Help articles for managing a gab group and gab's TOS are available:


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