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Bitcoin for Beginners: Bitcoin Express - 4 Steps

Last updated: Dec 17, 2020 5:25 PM

Bitcoin Express Route  - 4 Quick Steps

Using BTC (bitcoin), you can upgrade to a Gab PRO Account, purchase merchandise from the gab shop or donate to Gab.  You'll need a credit / debit card to begin the on-line process.  Plan to allow a bit of time for processing and legal requirements.  There may be a short waiting period.

This 'plug and play' method will speed you along your way !
We'll walk you through the steps to get started with a gabber tested, recommended process to begin.  The Express Method is fast and easy to follow for first time purchases of fractional bitcoin (BTC). 

BTC is the only current digital currency currently in use on Gab.   You'll only need a small fractional amount of bitcoin.

1) Getting Ready:
Navigate to both Coinmama and - open 2 different browser tabs.  Have your credit card ready.
*Coinmama is not affiliated with  Other wallet options are available.

2) Where do I start?
Create Coinmama account

BTC (bitcoin) requires a confirmed ID before buying any BTC created during your account creation.
Now find the amount of BTC needed for Gab in Step 3.
Great !  You're now ready to exchange your currency into BTC using the wallet account !

3 ) How much BTC?   Only what you need !
From your open Gab browser tab, find the required amoun.

                         Purchase + Est. fees = Total   (can change daily)

Important !  Before buying BTC, check with Gab for the exact fractional amount needed for your purchase.
Add any nominal fees charged by Coinmama to your transaction total.  Coinmama's minimum = $50
Gab Pro Subscription, use an upgrade link  or
Gab Shop Merchandise or donations:

    a) select your item, then click/tap 'purchase with BTC'
    b) find the *exact amount of fractional BTC required (changes daily).  The pop up window will show you.
The window will also show Gab's BTC address.  Gab's BTC address is required for Coinmama  to send BTC to Gab.

Almost there !   You've created your wallet, converted your currency into the needed amount of BTC - Great !

4) Last step!  Send BTC to Gab
    a) Find the Gab BTC address and copy it into the correct field on Coinmama.

Pro Tips for success:
  • On Gab's page, be sure you've entered your gab @ name in the proper field credit to your Gab account.
  • Laptop/desktop:  Using copy/paste, copy Gab's BTC address to your wallet account on Coinmama
  • Mobile devices:  Copy the QR code, (box with odd symbol and contains gab's address code string.
    b) Complete the purchase. 
An invoice will be sent to your email system. 
Success !!  
Congratulations on your bitcoin (BTC) transaction on !

Wait for Gab Support to  place the Pro and/or Donor badge(s) on your Home page bio. 
A Gab Pro upgrade will also have a new golden border on their avatar.

If needed, you can follow up with [email protected], via email.  Please include the date and transaction details and your gab @ name.

As an option, if no further transactions are anticipated, you may choose to close your Coinmama wallet account

Thanks to @Wren for developing the Bitcoin Express route.

You may need to log in using your gab email and password to the following:

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