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Gab Social Menu Options and Timelines

Last updated: Feb 7, 2021 4:09 AM

 Gab  Menu Options and Timelines  (image #1)
1) Home = posts/reposts from who you've chosen to follow.
2) Profile = your own posts, reposts & comments  (click your avatar on your Home page to open it)
3) Lists = sub groups of gabbers you've selected (such as  News accts, etc)
4) Notifications = replies, messages, quoted posts,  etc. to you from gabbers.
5) Groups = click 'groups', find the sub-menu 'timeline' for posts from groups you've joined.
6) Explore = top posts from across the site  that can be sorted by recent, popular and so on.
7) Pro Feed = posts (gabs) from all Gab Pro subscribers
8) News = Gab news, Andrew's (CEO) blog posts, and Breaking, Trending links, RSS News Feeds from various. sources.
9) More (laptop) > Help / Gab Deck / Display Options / Block & Mute Lists / Settings and Log Out.

Shortcuts -A  group or  user you've chosen to follow closely
First navigate to the gabber's home page or group.  Click the start under the banner.  The start should be filled in and will place a shortcut for your selection onto the panel.  The shortcut will be created and visible on your Home page.

Explore  (links to other Gab sites)
Gab Pro
Dissenter browser

---------   -------------------    --------------------    -----------------
 Mobile: (Android)
- Bottom row of icons:
                 Home / Notifications/Groups / Explore / News

- Extended menu panel:  tap your avatar on lower right corner of your screen to see:
Profile / Lists /Shortcuts / Display Options / Settings / Blocked Users / Muted Users / Pro Feed/ Upgrade to Gab Pro/ Store / Help / Log Out

Laptop Menu (left panel)
Image #1

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