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Last updated: Dec 21, 2020 1:30 AM

Gab groups are a great way to meet other gabbers in your interest area and increase engagement with your social network on Gab.   A wide range of groups are available to review, join, create gab posts, meet others and enjoy. 

Discover groups methods:
1) Menu Option 'Groups': sort groups by featured, timeline, categories, etc.  (image 1)
      a. Shortcut created on your menu list (image 2)
2) Link found in a post - under a gabber's name
3) Timelines:   Home timeline = people you follow
4) Suggested Featured groups found in your Groups timeline (image 3)
5) Categories & Tags: links found on a group's homepage  (images  4, 5)
        *Categories and Tags are created/ edited by a group's admin and are searchable
6) Keyword search
7) Announcement from a gab friend
8) Mobile view (image 6)
Join a group:
Review the group's description and it's content.
To post into the group, click /tap the 'Join Group' button.  The button will change to green and "Member".  (image 2)
You may create a shortcut to your favorite groups by clicking on the star under the group's banner.   A shortcut will be placed on your Home menu panel.
If you change your mind, click/tap the 'Member' button or the star again to reverse your selection.
       *during site construction, you may need a page refresh to update the system.

Edit:  July 2023
If a group admin has enabled the group Moderation option in group settings, your group posts may be held in a que awaiting approval from a group admin/mod.    The group moderation is optional for group admins and can be identified in the group's About section with a locked padlock symbol.   New gabbers posting into a moderated group will have their posts placed into the moderation que.  When a group admin/mod comes around to moderate the group, it may / may not be accepted based on group guidelines.
After a post is approved by the group admin/mod it will appear in the group.   
Not all groups are moderated.

Best practice:  Please review group guidelines prior to posting into any group.

1 - Groups navigation menu
Edit: July 2023 to include Group Moderation tips

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