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Tips To Build Your Gab Account

Last updated: Dec 14, 2020 3:20 PM

Engage / Gab Pro Feed / Groups / Gab Followers ->  Reach out is the best way 🤝 

1) Follow those whose content you enjoy and engage in dialog with them.  
A Gab Pro subscription will display your post into the Pro Feed.  

2) Ask questions, post interesting content, be mindful of internet 'etiquette'.  Avoid using all capital letters in your posts, as that may send a signal that you're raising your voice.

3) Let your presence be known to any gab friends.   Ask your friends to get a account and share your gab @ name with them.
On Gab, you can follow your friend's followers.  Navigate to a friends home page, click the 'following / followers' tab under their banner & find ones that you want to follow.  It's a good idea to look at the timeline / bio of the other gabber prior to following them.  

4) Create your profile page in such a way that other gabbers will know a bit about you.  Have an interesting avatar, banner and bio on your profile page.  Gabbers may briefly review your page to see if there is a common interest.   It let's others know a bit about your interests.  Personal information isn't suggested however.

5) Find a group that is in your interest area like gardening or books.  Most gabbers love to talk about their interests or hobbies.

6) Check out the Introduce Yourself group (in the search box) to find other new gabbers who may also need a friend. 

7) Some gabbers prefer to lock their account in their profile settings.  This is optional and will severely limit your engagement.   Locking your account will only allow your followers to see your content and engage with you.   Locking your account allows you to determine who may follow you, as well.

8) If joining gab with an existing social media account on other platforms, put your gab name in your bio to let others know where to find you on gab.

Gab offers a mute / block feature for any content you choose not to see.

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