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Last updated: Feb 19, 2021 12:20 AM

What's a web app?
Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) were developed nearly 10 years ago and are becoming more popular.
Gab's app isn't on an app store due to bans by Apple, Google and f-droid app stores.
You can easily create a shortcut to gab and create an icon on your home screen, very similar to an app.  It will be an icon placed on your home screen or a desktop display.

This technology makes using a mobile app store unnecessary and may enhance performance of your site experience.  PWA's require less space than an app you download/ install from an app store.  Security/privacy is dependent upon your specific browser preferences.
Not all websites offer this technology, but more are becoming available.

Essentially, a web app is a downloadable website. Because of this, PWAs can be great tools for low-end computers or phones since you usually don’t need a lot of power to run them.  After it's installed, you will have a 1-click icon on your home screen or computer display.
Gab's app isn't on an app store due to bans by Apple, Google and f-droid app stores.

iOS Safari versions of 11.3 and higher now support it, but not all of the technologies behind PWAs.   Some of the features on Safari may not work as expected.  FireFox has discontinued development for PWA's on their browser in January, 2021.  Chrome-based browsers support PWA's, for example Chrome, Brave or gab's dissenter browser for laptop.

PWAs combine the best parts of the web and native applications to create applications which:
  • Have improved performance;
  • Do not need to be installed or updated;
  • Are independent of any app store;
  • Security is handled by the browsers;
ok.. so how do I get a web app on my device?
For Android devices, first navigate to the website. Once there, tap the three-dot menu in the corner and then select ‘Add to home screen.’ Chrome will prompt you to enter a name for the app before adding it to your home screen.
Safari mobile devices are similar, with a save to shortcuts.  This makes it easy to save the new icon to your home screen.  
There's no need to visit an app store or download/install apps that could contain malware from 3rd parties.

For desktop/laptop, your best options are Google Chrome based browsers or the new Microsoft Edge. Both browsers offer built-in PWA installation systems.  More browsers are beginning to make it available.  These may include: Brave or gab's dissenter.

The option to ‘install’ a website as a PWA, is accessible by clicking the three-dot/line menu in the top right corner, then selecting the install option from the menu.  Microsoft’s Edge browser handles PWAs very similarly.
If you want to uninstall a PWA, click the three-dot menu button in the top bar and select the uninstall option.

Use your browser's help menu to review the specific instructions for that browser.

You can create a web app for
Gab Social:
Gab Trends:
How about your gab group?  sure !  Easy on your laptop browser, too!

Cool thing that !

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