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Change your email address, password or display name

Last updated: Dec 27, 2020 2:08 AM

Change your email address, password or display name.
If you have a verified account, you won't be able to edit the display name.

Enter your new email and existing password in the appropriate field of the form.  Scroll down to find 'Save' your changes.
With current site work, please wait for the servers to update by using your page refresh/reload before you leave the page.
You will see a message near the top of the page to confirm it updated.

Enter your current email and current password.  Then enter your new password in the boxes and confirm.  Please save your password edits by scrolling down to find 'Save'.
If you lose your password, you will find the link for an email password reset at the log in.   If you're unable to find it, check your spam/trash folders. 
If you've changed emails or don't receive it,  please send an email, including your @ name and email address on file to:
[email protected].

Display name or @ account name
The display name (first name) may be edited in Profile / settings at most 1 time / day.
Your @ name is selected when you create your account.
Verified accounts are unable to change their display name.   You'll need to contact @Support to forfeit your verification and remove your blue verification checkmark.  Re-verification would be required.

Make your edits and don't forget to save your changes :)

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