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Benefits of a Gab Pro Subscription

Last updated: Jan 4, 2021 4:50 PM

Help Defend Liberty and support Free Speech with Gab PRO.
Here are just some of the benefits that thousands of Gab PRO members receive.

Quickly get started with a Gab Pro Subscription:
Opt out of Gab Ads:
Remove all promoted posts in your Gab Social feeds.  Pro subscribers will find gab ads to be optional in their settings.

Gab Deck: Increased to 8 columns based on your preferences. 
Getting started with Gab Deck:  Thanks to @danzirin

Create Groups up to 100 max, non-pro is limited to 10

Get Verified:
Gab PRO members have the *option to apply for account verification and receive a blue check mark.  This verifies your identity to other gabbers.  Begin the verification process in your Account Settings by selecting 'Verification'.

Pro Feed:
All Pro Subscribers posts are found in the Pro Feed.   This can enhance your engagement with other gabbers with increased post visibility on the Pro Feed.

Gab MarketPlace:
Pro subscribers have expanded limits on listings from 3 for non-Pro subscribers to 15 listings / day.

Gab Voice:
Create / host a gathering room on Gab Voice.  Video conferencing features include screen share, live chat and whiteboard.  More will be added soon.

Social Posts Image and Video File Size:
Video uploading increased from 250 MB to 2GB per video. *may vary during site construction (08/2023)
Images or memes on a post increased from 20 MB to 100 MB. 

PRO Badge and Border:
Instantly get the PRO badge on your Gab Social profile and a golden border on your avatar image.
With a Lifetime Gab Pro subscription, you may opt in for a ProLife badge for your profile page.

Good to know:
Due to previous bans, we're unable to process credit/debit cards on international transactions.  
You may use e-check, or bitcoin.  If you prefer, you can mail a check or money order (USD) to the mailing address found in the checkout area. 
Please be sure to 'connect with' gab when your begin the upgrade process to link your transaction to your account. 

Thank you for supporting Gab and free speech!
Edited 08/04/2022
Edited 07/26/23

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