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Benefits of a Gab Pro Subscription

Last updated: Jan 4, 2021 4:50 PM

Help Defend Liberty and support Free Speech with Gab PRO.
Here are just some of the benefits that thousands of Gab PRO members receive.

Enhanced Profile Features:
  • Golden border around your avatar
  • Pro Badge on your bio
  • Optional badges for  donors, investors, verified accounts, and Lifetime Pro subscribers "Pro Life"
  • Optionally disable sponsored/promoted ads in your Settings
  • Account Verification:  *Option to apply for account verification and receive a blue checkmark
*You'll find both the avatar border and badge after upgrading to gab Pro.

  1. Increased Social Post Capabilities:
    • Increased media file uploads/day; 250 MB max. file size 
    • Non-pro: 50 MB daily upload limit
  2. View counts on posts
  3. Post scheduling
  4. Featured posts on the Pro Feed
  5. Post character count: 15K vs. 5K non-pro
  6. Post comments/reply options: Everyone, Pro/Verified Only, No replies
  7. RSS Feed for your blog / website url
  8. Telegram cross posting
  9. Remove promoted/sponsored ads from your timelines.
Site Features
  1. Gab Deck (Laptop/Desktop):
    • One-page view of timelines
    • Up to 8 columns based on your preferences
  2. Groups:
    • Create/manage up to 100 groups
  3. Gab Group Chat:
    • Initiate group chats with unlimited messages per hour/day
  4. Voice (Video Conferencing):
    • Create/host gathering rooms with screen share, live chat, and whiteboard features
  5. Marketplace and Business Directory:
    • Create up to 15 marketplace listings per week vs. 3 for non-Pro
  6. Pro Feed:
    • Increased post visibility, engagement with your posts on the 'Pro Feed'
  7. Shortcuts:  Access more than 5 shortcuts on your account.
  8. User Account Insights: View followers and following of other user accounts.
  9. Feeds and Lists: Create and view your custom feeds/lists
  10. Chat/DM Conversations: View more than 5 conversations in your chat/DMs.
  11. Notification Filters: Utilize notification filters for verified only, followers only.
To get started with a Gab Pro Subscription, visit:
Use the 'connect with' button to begin the upgrade process.  This links the transaction to your account. 


Gab Pro Upgrade:
Quickly get started with a Gab Pro Subscription:

Opt out of Gab Ads:
Remove all promoted posts in your Gab Social feeds.  Pro subscribers will find gab ads to be optional in their settings.

Gab Deck: Increased to 8 columns based on your preferences. 
Getting started video with Gab Deck:  Thanks to @danzirin

Create Groups up to 100 max

Get Verified (blue checkmark):
Gab PRO members have the *option to apply for account verification and receive a blue check mark on your account.  This verifies your identity to other gabbers.  Begin the verification process in your Account Settings by selecting 'Verification'.

Pro Feed:
All Pro/Verified Subscribers posts are found in the Pro Feed.   This can enhance your engagement with other gabbers with increased post visibility on the Pro Feed.

Gab MarketPlace / Business Account
Get listed in the Business Directory
List items on the Marketplace

Gab Voice (video conferencing):
Create / host a gathering room on Gab Voice.  Video conferencing features include screen share, live chat and whiteboard.  More will be added soon.
Thank you for supporting Gab and free speech!  
Edited 08/04/2022
Edited 07/26/23
Edited 12/01/23 - added Voice link, updated post image/video size, Marketplace
Edited 04/25/2024, 06/10/2024 - media, pro only features

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