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Bring Your Social Media Followers To Gab

Last updated: Feb 14, 2021 7:28 PM

Announce to your friends on other sites that you're now on Gab !

Hello friends !
I'm moving my account to Gab!
Create a gab account to follow me here: your @ name
(optional to attach image)
Several options or combinations to consider:

1) Attach an image of your Gab profile banner to your post, so they recognize you.
Consider matching your  gab banner to match your other site's banner, for recognition.

2) Share the Gab link with your friends.
Include the link with your @ name @[your name] in a post over there.

3) Send your home page profile link: [your Gab name]
The link to your profile will take them directly to your gab page, which includes your own posts/reposts.

4) On the other site, change your bio/banner to include the link or image from your Gab profile page (above)

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