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Creating Ads on Gab (Advertisers)

Last updated: Nov 3, 2021 1:02 AM

Welcome to the Parallel Economy !

Gab has developed and launched an ads service that enables you to create and manage advertising for your business on the Gab platform. 
Plan  Begin by mapping out your marketing campaign.  Consider gab's tools, features and the community's culture to optimize your message and reach.   Benchmark successful advertisers to apply what's applicable to your own business. 
Building your business on gab will be rewarding.     Early ad testers have found high levels of customer interest and increased sales when using gab's ads.   Your business is your's to build on gab.
These links may assist you in your planning:

Apply for your new Gab Ad Account here:
Please complete the short application form to help Gab understand a bit about your business needs for the approval process.  The form will ask for your business name, url, email address, monthly advertising budget and a short description about your products / services.

your first ad campaign
After account approval, return to the site to 'Sign In'.  You'll find your Ad Dashboard to manage your new Gab Ad account.
Select the green button to begin your new campaign.   Each ad you create with your Gab Ad account will be a unique campaign with it's own budget, duration and artwork.  Examples include campaigns for: showcasing your products/services, a seasonal sale, special promotion, announcement, etc.   

Please complete all the fields of the form.  Your brand's image will be displayed on the ad avatar (1:1, square)
The feed image will be your ad's image.  You may choose an image file from a size range of 16:9 to 1:1 (jpg, jpeg, png).  As you fill in the form, the preview image will auto-update with your new information, creating your unique ad preview.  Upon completion, your new campaign will be sent to the gab team for final review and uploading to the site.
Email contact:  [email protected]

Manage your Ad Account with the Dashboard.  After campaign approval, you will begin to see your dashboard change as your ad gets views or clicks.    Dashboard metrics include your daily/total spend, clicks, views, CTR (click thru rate) and CPC (cost/click).  Multiple ad campaigns can be sorted by attribute.  You may also pause your ad, edit the message, then restart it.   

You can add funds to your ads account by clicking the 'add funds' button, found on the Ad Overview page.
Please try to keep a positive balance on your ads account.  Accounts with a longtime outstanding balance may be disabled until the outstanding balance is paid.

Email contact:  [email protected]
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