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Success Tips to Grow Your Business with Gab

Last updated: Oct 21, 2021 4:37 PM

Grow Your Small Business with Gab 

Create your Gab Ads account quickly
1) log in/connect with gab
2) complete the form
3) submit and wait for approval from the support team    * Gab Ads are very new.  Your patience is appreciated.
4) questions?  send an email to:  [email protected]

I.  Know the gab community
- align your message with community values and interests
- build your brand with consistent messaging across your profile, groups, images or ads timing
- marketing plan should include relationship building
Key values:  Conservatism, Free Speech, Family, Christian, Trust, Engagement
Tips to Build your Social Network on Gab:

II.  Know gab features
- create your marketing plan by aligning your messaging (profile, groups, ads, videos)
- build your distribution channels with gab's relational networking  tools (follows, groups,  networking)
- explore all the features available (gab ads, GabTV, groups, private chats, Gab Pay, Market Place is coming soon)
- spend time exploring the site daily to learn how gab features work
Need help?  please email [email protected]

III.  Best Practices
- consider a separate business Gab account
- gab Pro subscribers may utilize enhanced features (account verification, increased video file sizes, Pro feed visibility)
- define your own metrics to measure business success, gauge what works for your business
- keep it fresh with high quality content, engagement and customer feedback with your successes
- minimize spammy posting behavior as your followers will see all your posts
- create demand by posting into interest related groups, use coupons or discounts
- build your network to increase your reach with follows, groups, engagement
- check out other successful gab business pages for ideas
- design a profile/group/channel to become a destination that people want to revisit

edited:  07/27/2023

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