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Gab Deck - Desktop

Last updated: Jan 1, 2021 1:12 AM

Gab Deck, a new PRO feature, launched in December 2020.
it gives you several Gab timelines on one page.
Essentially it’s a different layout view for the *desktop that let’s you create your own dashboard with columns. (no mobile tablet or phones)

Find it "More" option (left panel) - select Gab Deck
Non-Pro users can still see the preview at
Below, find a video walk through of this new Gab feature.
Gab Deck
Video Walk Through:  thanks to gabber @danzirin !

Choose your preference for up to 8 columns  (not available on mobile)
Column options
1) Add up to 8 columns.  A scroll bar is available for left-to-right review for efficient and quick browsing.
2)  Select from your Home feed, notifications, a specific user, a list timeline, your likes, your bookmarks, pro timeline, compose a gab column, group timeline, explore timeline, news page, hashtag timeline.  Use the "+".
3) adjust the widths of the columns by adjusting the *font size in the “Display Options” dialog. 
4) refresh the columns by clicking the “refresh” button in the top of each column.
5) delete any columns by clicking the “trash” button in the top of each column  and replace with a different timeline (up to 8).
6) reorder the columns by clicking on the 3 vertical lines at the top left of each column, then dragging and dropping left to right to reorder.

- If you're an admin / moderator for a group, your moderation tools are accessible in the 3 dots of the post.

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