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Text prompts - Get better results with Gab's AI character chat bots

Last updated: Jan 3, 2024 9:14 PM

Gab's AI  was developed by gab's engineers using open source software to create a language model that emulates a conservative point of view.    BasedAI enables you to interact with a computer program, not by code but using natural language.  If you're interacting with one of the many AI's personas, the answer will be from that persona's point of view.

You'll be asking a chat bot to search it's massive database, retrieve information and format it as a response to your query.  Gab's AI chat bots are a language model, not an image generator or meme creator.
Be sure to ask well-constructed questions, or prompts. Specific, detailed questions, will produce a better response.  Request an outline instead of an essay or a step by step process.   Recipes, how-to instructions or procedures are all examples that would work well in outline format for your question.

Prompts are a set of instructions using words to query a computer's database.  Much like asking a search engine questions to get usable results, "prompt engineering" is the craft -- and art -- of creating detailed and focused prompts.   Your use of generative AI can succeed or fail based on the prompt that you enter. 
Generative AI models like the chat bots are devised using probability and statistics that can produce varied output.  Don't assume the output will be correct at all times.  AI models can be known to 'hallucinate' with nonsensical, out of context answers.  Be aware of it's limitations as well as it's benefits.  At the end of the day, you're interfacing with a computer program - not a human.

1)  Weak:  How can I win a race?
Better: I'm a female, 32 years of age, in good health.  As a beginner runner without much experience, how can I prepare to win a 3K race on a flat course in 6 months? 
* it's always best practice to be critical of what AI suggests and to do your due diligence -- such as checking with a doctor before starting on a strenuous exercise routine.

2)  Weak: Generate a list of titles for my autobiography.
Better: Generate a list of ten titles for my autobiography with 3-5 words in each title. The book is about my journey as an adventurer who has lived an unconventional life, meeting many different personalities and finally finding peace in gardening.

Strategies for getting better results

  • Write clear instructions
  • These models can’t read your mind. 
  • If the outputs generated are too long, ask for brief replies. If outputs are too simple, ask for expert-level writing. If you dislike the format, demonstrate the format you’d like to see. The less the model has to guess at what you want, the more likely you’ll get it.  Writing short, broad prompts will most likely not get you the results you want.
  • Include details in your query to get more relevant answers
  • Ask for steps / outline required to complete a task, then ask about one portion for more detailed answers.  You might ask for a recipe's 'step by step' instructions.
  • Specify the desired length of the output specified in terms of the count of words, sentences, paragraphs or bullet points.
  • Use positives:  'Do use...'  instead of 'Don't use...'   Asking the chat bot model to include more information will result in more information in the response.

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