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Gab Marketplace - Create a Listing

Last updated: Feb 23, 2022 4:43 AM

Creating your first listing on Gab's Marketplace is easy and fun !  Begin your upgrade to Pro to unlock Marketplace and more features.
Join the Parallel Economy !
Create marketplace listings with a 1) Pro subscription and 2) listing in the Business Directory.  Make your listing interesting for buyers with enough detail for a smooth transaction.  For ideas, review other listings currently on the marketplace.  You'll have your own dashboard, saved listings and multiple categories to choose from.
There are no additional listing fees.
Upgrade to a gab Pro subscription here:, use the 'connect with' button to link your account. 
Next, list your business in the Directory here:
Now you're ready to create Marketplace listings! 

Getting started:  
Click the Marketplace 'tag' symbol from your Home page.
Step #1
Click the Create Listing button or on mobile, the '+' symbol to begin.

Step #2
Add the detail
- Upload up to 8 photos; define the listing category, condition, location and tags (sub-categories)   Tags enable additional search opportunities and should be separated by commas.  The # symbol isn't needed to create your tag.

Step #3
Click 'Create Marketplace Listing'.

Step #4
Listing review:  Your listing will be live after gab team review.  Please allow 24/48 hours for the review process.

Share your completed listing on gab, in an email or to other sites.  Use the dashboard for your listings.  Your listing preview image is now found on your gab Profile page.

Good to know:
Final prices / shipping will be negotiated between the buyer and seller in a chat/message outside of marketplace.  Gab doesn't provide processing of payments.

Firearms aren't currently allowed to be listed in the Marketplace.  Accessories may be listed.  Be sure you follow gab's TOS when listing an item.  No drugs, guns, porn, illegal items or spam.
Good luck with your listing!!

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