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Welcome to Gab !!

Last updated: Jan 22, 2024 1:06 PM

Welcome !! 

 Gab is what you make it.  

Don't want to see certain words? Gab is a free (legal) speech site. The rest is up to you.

Control your own timelines
 Timelines are chronological.  
  1. Follows = your Home feed. Choose who you follow wisely.
  2. Mute = remove a gabber's content from your view
  3. Block = Mute + stop them from seeing your content + forced unfollow *use the 3 dots on a post/comment
  4. Filters = words/phrases you don't like? Set up a filter here  Avatar/Settings/Filters
If a post is breaking gab's TOS (Terms of Service), please use the report option.
Initiate the report by using the 3 dots on each post/comment.  Select the reason for your report and include a brief explanation, if necessary.
Your report will be reviewed by your support team.

Groups are popular on gab.  They are where you meet friends and learn about interesting subjects.
Groups you join become your Groups feed. Groups are a great way to meet new friends.
Groups are moderated by the group's creator & his mods (not gab). Read the guidelines before joining/posting into a group.   Guidelines are found in the About section
on the group's page.

Timelines now have sorting options.
Find sorting options at the top of each Feed.
Timelines are chronological.

Home Timeline
Your Home timeline is a chronological feed of posts/reposts
1) from who you follow 
2) groups you've joined  

Home timeline sorting
Default:  Newest, with group posts
  • Newest: chronological feed of all Home timeline posts
  • Newest, with group posts (no reposts)
  • Newest, no reposts:  *Posts from who you follow* - (Pro subscribers only)
  • Hot posts: popular from people you follow
  • Top posts: most recent from who you follow
-> Timelines across the site may have different sorting options - have fun exploring!
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