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Gab Ads - Understanding the Dashboard

Last updated: Apr 16, 2022 7:24 PM

Gab Ads:  KPI's, Pacing, Key Terms Defined.

Gab Ad Metrics - Dashboard Terms
Active - Status indicator for your campaign (Start/Pause/Archive)
Campaign - Ads (individual or grouped)
Budget - Amount set when creating your campaign
Today Spend - Amount spent from today's ad activity
Clicks - engagement from individual after seeing your ad (Total and Total)
Views - Number of views so far (Today and Total)
Total Spend - Amount spent for the campaign so far
Frequency - Total ad views / Unique ad views
CTR - Click through Rate
CPC - Cost per Click


What is campaign pacing?  
Gab advertisers determine the schedule over time for each campaign.   Each ad created may be scheduled to run at various times by the advertiser (day, week, custom, etc).  Each campaign may be manually paused or restarted to be presented to the site over your selected schedule.

Campaign pacing represents a model which is used by campaign delivery engines to make sure that the campaign goal is reached by the time the campaign is scheduled to end, by serving the right amount of impressions to the right audience over time.

There are two basic pacing methods: evenly distributed and front loaded. While front loading makes sure that the campaign objective is fulfilled as soon as possible, the evenly distributed model aims at serving a roughly equal amount of impressions every day until the campaign is scheduled to end.   How your ad runs is up to you - all in one day or evenly spread over your selected time frame.

Gab uses an even pacing and the delivery system that strives to distribute the number of impressions served equally throughout the days a given campaign is scheduled to run for, unless the advertiser chooses a different pace.    You may set your schedule during campaign creation to run all in one day, per week or custom date range.

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Advertising terms and concepts:

  • Advertiser image is the avatar image for your ad.  This may be your specific brand logo or product and is found in the upper left corner of the ad layout.
  • Brand identity encompasses all aspects of a product, service or company, from its name, logo and tagline to its core values, among many other factors. It is the sum of a brand's efforts to be portray itself the way it wants to be perceived.
  • Campaign is an ad (or ads) created on your ad account.  Each gab campaign may be duplicated to ad new artwork or update your campaign.
  • Campaign budget is an objective expressed as an amount given in US Dollars ($). Funds are added to your Ad Account.
  • Campaign pacing represents the model that is used for calculating the share of impressions required to reach a campaign goal (see more below).
  • Campaign spend (Today's Spend on your gab Dashboard) is a real time value of the amount expressed in US Dollars ($), that a campaign has spent so far.  
  • CPC (Cost per Click) is cost for each click on an advertising campaign
  • CTA, (Call to Action) is a powerful message that encourages the visitor to take action towards a purchase or sale, like Learn More, Donate Now, Shop Now.   Options are available when creating your campaign.
  • CTR  (Click Through Rate) represents a ratio between total clicks and eligible display impressions and is represented as a percentage
  • Dashboard presents your Ad Account and Campaign metrics to track your ad performance.
  • Direct-to-consumer is outreach and sales from company to consumer without distributor or retailer involvement.
  • Feed image is the ad campaign's larger image presented to the site.  It is uploaded from an image file from your device.
  • Frequency is an estimate of how many times the same person has seen the ad.  It’s calculated as Total views / Unique views
  • Gab Ads Account is the name and email used when creating your ad account on gab.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) -  a quantifiable measure of performance over time (metrics) for a specific objective aligned with your business strategy.  Gab Ads Dashboard provides the data to measure success.
  • Ad targeting is designing ads and their delivery to reach specific audiences through locations, among other qualifiers.   Gab does not use behavior based software.
  • Impressions are views recorded every time your ad is played or presented on the site.  The number of impressions  determine how often your ad has been displayed on gab.  An impression is counted each time an ad is shown to a user, whether or not the ad is clicked.  Impressions data is used to calculate you Campaign Frequency.  Gab impressions are presented on various feeds across the site. 

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