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Gab Feeds - custom timelines created by you

Last updated: Jan 14, 2022 2:53 AM

Feeds allow you to create your own custom feed / timeline for your favorite gabber posts.   

1)In the Menu options, select Feeds:
  • Mobile - click/tap your avatar, then select Feeds
  • Laptop - on the left panel
2) Use the "+" Plus symbol to add a title and set the visibility preference (public or private)

3) Review a Feed's members or subscribers 
Click/tap "Members" to show the current members of the Feed
Click/tap "Subscribers" to show any subscribers to your public Feed

4) Edit your Feed
Navigate to the Feed to be edited
Use the gear symbol to edit Feed Title,  Members or Visibility
Save your edits

5) Delete your Feed
You can find the option to delete your feed by using the gear symbol.
Note:  deleted feeds can't be retrieved.

Members are the accounts/groups you've added to your Feed.
Subscribers have opted in to follow your public feed.
Create a shortcut by clicking on the star symbol on the Feed's page.

edited Nov 8, 2023

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