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Gab Features for Small Businesses - Parallel Economy !

Last updated: May 25, 2022 5:46 PM

Ideas to grow your business and the Parallel Economy.  Be Creative !

Network / Make Connections:
  • Use the Gab Search / Groups to find similar, like-minded groups or gabbers.  Join similar groups. then post your information there about a new group or business.   Be sure to review the group guidelines, as some groups prefer no ads.
  • Find others in groups that have similar interests to follow.
  • Ask a few big accounts to repost your group for you!
  • Reminder:  gabbers that you follow will become your Home timeline / feed.   Posts you've created will be seen by your followers.
  • Use a common hashtag on posts to find others in your interest area.
  • Add links to your bio and group description to direct gabbers to different sites/groups/pages.
Grow your group:
  • Create a topic focused group.  Make your group name searchable by keyword.  On your group, add tags for searching by tags. 
  • After a search, if a similar group is created, join the group(s).
  • Ask group members to post an announcement to your group. On the group page, there's a 'share' option, (in the 3 dots) to catch the link to the group, allowing you to post it anywhere - even on other social media!
  • A gab Pro subscriber can schedule a post (found in your settings). If scheduled a few times a week, more folks will see it.
  • After reviewing the group guidelines, if appropriate, post your new group info into similar groups.  
  • If several people will do the same, it can grow pretty quickly.
Advertise on Gab:
  • If you want to invest a bit of cash, you can create a gab ad to run a couple times a week. That will have a cost, but sharing the cost can happen in a private transaction.  Gab Ads allow you to post several different campaigns.  Ask a friend to advertise with you and share costs in an individual transaction.
  • Make your marketing campaign interesting to your customer base.

  • A gab Pro subscriber can create / post Listings on the Marketplace.
  • Be specific with location, shipping, costs, etc. 
Gab Feeds will allow you to create your own custom list of gab accounts.  This newly created list can be made public (found in the Feed settings).  Others can review, follow and increase your network.

Upload videos to your own channel.   Videos can create a wider customer base and increase business opportunities.

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