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What are the optimum video / image upload specs on Gab?

Last updated: Dec 3, 2020 11:34 AM

Please note:  
Video are uploaded directly from the post composer using the green picture symbol.  You can upload images, photos, memes or videos. 
Your upload history can be found on your Profile page when clicking on the tabs:  Photos, Videos.

Best results when uploading a gab
1) vertical videos  (tall aspect ratio) will become Clips; horizontal  videos will be horizontal
2) file size max: 250MB (*see below)
VideoUpload.png 46.81 KB

1) Gab Social Posts
Media upload limits:  
File size: 250MB
Non-Pro: 50MB/day; Includes posts, edits, posting fails, post deletions (not reposts)

Image file format: PNG, GIF, JPG
Video file format MP4, MOV Apple QuickTime,  
Resolution 960x540; bitrate 768 kps

Compression:  Lossy image compression has been disabled in the edge in favor of lossless compression, for newly created images.
Image aspect ratio (meme's and photos):
Rectangle: 1920 x 1080px
Square: 1400 x 1400px
Profile Image Uploads:
 (PNG, JPG); 
*Save your edits
     1) Home page Header / Banner  MAX 2 MB
          Rectangular 3:1 ratio 
          Oversized files are down scaled to 1500x500px
          Profile header: 1330 x 440 (edit 10/23/23)
    2) Avatar  MAX 5 MB; 
         Square 1:1 ratio, 
         Oversized files are down scaled to 400x400px

Group Banner image
Max: 5MB. Accepted image types: .jpg, .png
  • Group header: 1400 x 460 (Edit: 10/23/23)

Acceptable formats:  MPV4 , MOV, WEBM (not zipped)
Files should encode 1920x1080 resolution with h.264 as the codec at 3 Mbps.
File size:  250MB max
Audio should be AAC at 160Kbps.
We don't currently support mp3 / audio files.

Suggested file compression software:
Handbrake (free and open source) download here:  
y2mate for You Tube, social media files

*GabTV was integrated into gab Social and no longer available as a separate site, as of  August 2023.

Edit:  Oct 23, 2023
Edit:  Feb 9, 2023 to include aspect ratio orientation rendering as a Clip, added file compression sites
Edit:  April 19, 2024 media upload limits

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