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How do I view / edit my profile?

Last updated: May 15, 2020 6:12 PM

Your gab profile page shows your user stats and tabs in more detail.  You can also edit your banner and avatar.

View your profile
Click your avatar in the corner of your screen, select Profile
On a gab post / comment, click your avatar or user name
Navigate to your profile page with the url:  example: 

Edit your profile's banner, avatar or bio. 
Set your account to private.  *This will reduce your engagement with other gabbers, by limiting who can see your posts (followers only).

Gab user stats - click/tap any of the stats to open the list to view or manage.
Gabs - number of gab posts you've created
Followers - gabbers that follow you
Following - gabbers that are following you.
Likes - number of upvotes / likes

Timeline / Comments / Photos / Videos / Bookmarks
Timeline: any pinned posts, followed by posts that you've created or reposted.
Comments: posts from other gabbers that you when you have commented / replied.  To open the thread, click/tap on comments or the text of the post to open the comment string / thread.  You can also click the timestamp in the post to open the thread.
Photos - images you have recently uploaded in a gab post
Videos - videos you may have uploaded in a gab post
Bookmarks - gab posts that you have bookmarked (favorited) *Gab Pro Feature*

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