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What are the optimum video / image upload specs on Gab?

Last updated: Dec 3, 2020 11:34 AM

Please note:  
Gab will be integrating GabTV into gab Social August 2023.
As a result, these specs may change.

Best results when uploading a gab
1) post meme, image or video.
2) Gab TV video uploads for Gab Pro subscribers 4 GB file size MAX
VideoUpload.png 46.81 KB

1) Gab Social Posts
Non-Pro: images-20MB, videos -250MB,
Gab PRO: images-100MB, video -2GB.
Images: PNG, GIF, JPG, WebM
Video: Format MP4, MOV Apple QuickTime,  Resolution 960x540; bitrate 768 kps

Compression:  Lossy image compression has been disabled in the edge in favor of lossless compression, for newly created images.

Image Uploads (meme's and photos):
Rectangle: 1920 x 1080px
Square: 1400 x 1400px
Profile Image Uploads:
 (PNG, GIF, JPG); 
*Save your edits
     1) Home page Header / Banner  MAX 2 MB
          Rectangular 3:1 ratio 
          Oversized files are down scaled to 1500x500px

    2) Avatar  MAX 5 MB; 
         Square 1:1 ratio, 
         Oversized files are down scaled to 400x400px

Group Banner image
Max: 5MB. Accepted image types: .jpg, .png
2) *GabTV* Video for Gab Pro Accounts - this will change in August 2023
Acceptable formats:  MPV4 , MOV, WEBM (not zipped)
Files should encode 1920x1080 resolution with h.264 as the codec at 3 Mbps.
File size:  4GB max
Audio should be AAC at 160Kbps.
The system will produce everything else.

Edit:  July 27, 2023

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