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What are the optimum video / image upload specs on Gab?

Last updated: Dec 3, 2020 11:34 AM

Best results when uploading a gab 
1) post meme, image or video. 
2) Gab TV video uploads for Gab Pro subscribers.
3) PDF files -  PDF documents have to be converted to JPEG or PNG.
Raw PDF files or other types of general file sharing can contain malicious code, so its not allowed on gab.
Getting Started on Gab Social
1) Gab Social Posts
Non-Pro: images-20MB, videos -250MB
Gab PRO: images-100MB, video -2GB.
Images: PNG, GIF, JPG
Video: MP4, MOV Apple QuickTime
Image Uploads (meme's and photos):
Rectangle: 1920 x 1080px
Square: 1400 x 1400px
Profile Image Uploads:
 (PNG, GIF, JPG); 
*Save your edits
     1) Home page Header / Banner  MAX 2 MB
          Rectangular 3:1 ratio 
          Oversized files are down scaled to 1500x500px

    2) Avatar  MAX 5 MB; 
         Square 1:1 ratio, 
         Oversized files are down scaled to 400x400px

Group Banner image
Max: 5MB. Accepted image types: .jpg, .png
2) *GabTV* Video for Gab Pro Accounts
Acceptable formats:  MPV4 , MOV, WEBM (not zipped)
Files should encode 1920x1080 resolution with h.264 as the codec at 3 Mbps.
Audio should be AAC at 160Kbps.
The system will produce everything else.

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