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Gab TV Pro - Video Upload Detail

Last updated: Dec 15, 2020 1:55 PM

Gab TV was launched as a service, December 23, 2020. 
Developer update Dec. 30, 2020
Subscription processing and notifications on TV have been updated. Batch is re-running now to reset your subscription notifications. And, that's the last I should have to do that.

You will now see notifiers (on TV, not on Social) when new episodes are published from the channels you subscribe to. Open the hamburger menu and scroll through your list of subscribed channels.

Visiting a channel or watching any of a channel's videos will reset your counter for that channel.

Developer update - New home page layout -  Update January 6, 2021
All Gab members from Gab Social will automatically receive a Gab TV channel when they sign in and "Connect With Gab" at Gab TV.  Sign in to GabTV with your Gab Social credentials (email and password).

The entire experience runs just like that on a phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever you're on with a compatible browser. Fully responsive mobile-first UI/UX built on UIkit. The commenting engine is an evolution of Dissenter, avoiding cookies and trackers.  It is 100% Gab from the foundation to the roof and Made in America.

Edit:  01/05/23
Any gab account may upload 3 videos per 30 days with a maximum of 500 MB each.
A Gab Pro subscriber may upload a 4 GB file size max and is unlimited.
Accepts MP4, MOV, WEBM video files.   Audio mp3's etc. will come later.

Video streaming will not be offered at this time.

GabTV Video Uploads (not Social posts)
For best results:

Resolution: 1920x720, 30fps, h.264 codec at 3 MBps, 5-10Mbps
Audio: 48Khz AAC @ 160-192Kbps

The platform will handle it from there and transcode for all devices.
The system will produce everything else.  The process does take time to upload your content to gab.
Attaching a video to a social media post and hosting, encoding, embedding, and distributing video files across various quality levels at scale are two very different things.  It will take more time to upload from your device than process the video. 
Managing your channel
Your channel is yours until you delete it.  The channel is directly tied to your gab account, links to it, and makes it very easy for people to follow you, etc., from TV.  TV is also an extension of your Social account, like Trends is an extension of your Gab Social account.

The first time you use it, you will do the familiar "Connect With Gab" step to authorize GabTV to create the channel for you. This includes authorizing the app.  Authorization of the app allows the different gab sites to communicate with each other, profiles, links, etc.  Your channel will be automatically created from your Gab Profile.

Comment moderation is the responsibility of the channel operator, similar to group moderation on gab. 
They can also ban people from commenting on their videos.  What are the comment content guidelines? The Gab ToS is the first definition. Each channel operator can then have extra terms and enforce them. Much like YouTube, a publisher can disable comments, delete comments, and ban people from commenting on their videos. It's publisher-by-publisher.
Gab will take action on illegal or porn videos or comments. We will insta-ban anything resembling porn and the profile that uploaded it. Anything resembling doxxing or a call to violence or threats will be removed.

Everything on TV has Up/Down voting, not Like and Dislike, for videos and comments alike. There won't be additional reacts on videos or comments.

Deleting an episode on your channel:  navigate to that episode, locate the 3 dots under the video on the right side, select edit video and "Delete" after scrolling down the page a bit.
Video Processing
1) Upload a video from your device in the accepted format.  Your upload speed may vary depending on the file size, your device and your internet speed.
2) Once your video has uploaded from your device GabTV processing will begin.  Processing includes encoding of your video, hosting, encoding, embedding, and distributing.  During this time, your video is broken into 15 sec. segments, thumbnails are created and the segments are encoded into various GPU's. 
 When your video reaches the processing screen, the screen will change and you will see the progress meter in the right upper corner, indicating the percent complete of the encoding process.  
*This will take some time.  During peak hours, processing may take up to an hour depending on the size of your video.  You are free to leave the page and GabTV will proceed with the processing. 
3) The video will appear on your channel when it has finished.   We are working to improve the processing speed and thank you for your patience! 

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