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Gab TV Quality Resolution and Audio settings - Device Specific

Last updated: Dec 25, 2020 10:44 PM

Gab TV's quality and audio settings, if you make one, are stored on your device (device specific).

When you are watching videos on that device, they will (or should) play in the quality and with the audio level you selected on your device.

Resolution settings may play back at your selected level or lower. They will not go higher. The quality setting is "tuned for" mobile users mindful of a data plan. So, we want your setting to persist (save) and it does.
Audio settings are set on each device (device specific).

If your video isn't playing as expected, please select a lower quality (like 540p). A 540p file is roughly 25% the size of a 1080p file, and they start much faster.  A slower speed may not help, but the quality settings may.

If you made a choice at one point and are wondering why videos aren't playing in 1080p when available, the app is just honoring your setting and not exceeding the quality you set.  It's the same idea for audio.  Settings on your laptop won't synch with your mobile device and are saved on each device.

*The setting is stored on the device so each of your devices can be different. 

You might want 360p for your phone, 720p for your laptop or tablet, and 1080p for your desktop or TV. You can set it once and then that will be what Gab TV considers the maximum resolution for that device.  Audio works similarly.  If you want a lower volume on your mobile device, it can be different than your laptop.

I'll be adding an indicator to let you know which quality resolution you have selected. For now, it is remembering your choice and using it on that device, and the value can be different for each device. We do this without tracking your device by just storing the setting on your device. Many other settings are part of your account but these aren't. 
It's just a local preference per device you use.

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