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Gab TV Account The Basics

Last updated: Dec 11, 2020 9:55 PM

Dec 18, 2020
* During site construction:
Logging in - use your gab credentials (user name and password from Gab Social)

1) Logging into GabTv is not required for view only.
2) Interacting with GabTv features, commenting on a video or sharing a video to gab, requires a log in with your gab @ name and password.
The entire experience runs just like that on a phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever you're on with a compatible browser, like a Chrome based browser.   Commenting on GabTV  is an evolution of the Dissenter Commenter, which avoids unnecessary cookies and trackers.

Non-Pro (free) Gab accounts can view, comment, interact with upvotes and also share a video back to Gab after logging into GabTV.
A Gab PRO membership in good standing is required to upload videos, due to the cost of space requirements. 
Gab Pro Subscribers can upload videos within established guidelines.  If your Gab Pro subscription expires, your content will remain on the site,  but you will no longer be able to upload new videos.  GabTV will continue to offer playback of your video, as long as the service is available.
The Gab PRO membership tier will have an upload quota in size and frequency.
The Gab PRO plan is the plan included with your PRO membership on Gab Social.

This plan includes a total of 250GB of storage for your uploaded and live-recorded video content, and allows up to 120 minutes of uploaded/live content per day.   Live streaming is not available at this time.
Going forward, higher tiers of audio-visual publishing may be evaluated for future needs.  It is 100% Gab built and Made in America from the foundation to the roof. 
The ToS (Terms of Service) are the same as
Generally no porn, no doxxing, no threats of violence or abuse.
ToS (Terms of Service)

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