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GabTV Create Your Channel and Upload a Video

Last updated: Dec 21, 2020 11:41 PM

Create and manage your GabTV channel:

A gab account will be required to create a channel and upload videos.   
Use one of the following formats:  MP4, MOV, and WEBM video files.

More detail can be found here:

1) Sign in to GabTV.  Use your gab social email and password.
Your channel will automatically be created from your Gab Social profile.

2) Upload your video by clicking:  a) your avatar or the b) 3 horizontal lines (upper left of your screen) to open the menu, then select "Upload ".
*If using your phone to create a video, use landscape mode (horizontal) for best results for later uploading to GabTV.

3) Descriptive Fields available - Based on the file to be uploaded, fill in the following fields.  Your file should be on your device in the required formats for uploading.
SEO tags (search engine optimization)
Choose your file to be uploaded
Community Options
Select the content rating
Discovery options

4) "Create episode" button will begin the file upload to GabTV

5) Upload Media blue banner screen will pop up
Video file upload time will depend upon things:  file variables, your system and internet provider speed.
> For best results:
Files should encode 1920x1080 resolution with h.264 as the codec at 3Mbps.
Audio should be AAC at 160Kbps.
If recording on a mobile device - using landscape mode during the record mode will produce the best results.

The system will produce everything else.

6) Processing - After your file has uploaded to GabTV, the screen will change to show "Processing" with a progress bar.   During this time, your file will be encoded, segmented into 15 sec. intervals and various GPU's.  The processing ends with reassembling your video file and creating thumbnails.
When GabTV processing begins, you can switch to another tab or continue other work while it works.
Please allow up to an hour in high traffic times to process your video on Gab's end.

Edit or Delete an uploaded file from your channel:  Navigate to your channel, find the episode to be deleted.  Under the preview, click the 3 dots (ellipsis) on the right side.  Click the 3 dots, then select "Edit Episode".  Here you can edit the descriptive fields or scroll down to find the blue 'Update Episode' button or red 'Delete Episode' button.

Once uploaded, your videos will remain on GabTV.  If your Gab Pro Subscription should lapse, your videos will remain.

7)  Moderation of comments is the responsibility of the channel operator and similar to Gab Social group moderation.   Your channel is your responsibility to moderate.  Tools are available for each channel operator. follows the ToS (Terms of Service), which are based in laws from the U.S. Supreme Court.   Direct threats of violence, doxxing, porn or site abuse is not allowed and may result in account removal.

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