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Last updated: Apr 13, 2022 3:09 AM

GabPay  is new and an exciting way to transfer funds from a bank account, hold a balance, send and spend with any other user, receive instantly, or cash the amount you have out to nearly any financial institution in the *USA.   Future plans include offering the GabPay service in other countries.   

GabPay is available for both individuals and businesses.   You can use it as a replacement for Paypal, Venmo, Stripe and other online payment processors.  Cost of transaction processing can be found in the FAQ's.

This solution allows you to spend your processing dollars with companies who share your values rather than major monopolies who've hijacked our payment processing sectors. We must first begin to vote with our dollars to cripple these "woke" processing companies while we continue to explore new payment methods that don't contribute to causes we directly oppose.   #ParallelEconomy

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How-To Videos

Adding a Bank Account in gabpay 
We removed adding a bank account during the signup process. (updated June 2022) 

Manually add a bank to Gab Pay  (updated June 2022)

Send a payment on Gab Pay

Deposit money to your own account

Get paid using QR code with Gab Pay

Request money when using Gab Pay

Upgrade your Gab Pay account for business or expanded service levels


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