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What is Gab Pay?

Last updated: Nov 14, 2021 1:13 PM

Recently launched, Gab Pay moves us into the #ParallelEconomy.   

Gab Pay will power the Parallel Economy by enabling peer-to-peer payment processing.  Gab has built a custom option for you to make on-line transactions, similar to other well-known payment processors.   Features will be added in the coming months to basic options.

Gab's vision and plans:
An alternative to PayPal has never been more important now that the ADL will be combing through your financial transactions and ruining people’s lives for financially supporting people and organizations they don’t like.
Gab has been banned from any online payment processing, limited only to checks, money orders and bitcoin to operate the business. 
God had a plan and getting banned only led us to build GabPay

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