How To Create A Gab Account

Open any web browser and type our URL:

If you do not yet have an account, create one by entering your email in the "Join Gab" section. Once you have entered your email, you will be taken to a page that will ask for more information. 

The Full Name line is what your name will be displayed as on your profile. 

The Username is your account "handle" and how someone will find your profile on Gab. Make note of your username, this is what you will use to sign in to your account from now on.

Note: Make sure there are no spaces in any of the entry fields or you may end up with an error

Since we are not on the Google Play Store, we have an APK available for download for Android devices. 
Click on the Gab Mobile button in the upper right of the screen next to the login button.

This will take you to our Android page, where you can find app updates and checksums. You can always navigate directly to this page by visiting You may need to allow special permissions for your device in order to use the app.

  • Please note that the App will not work properly with phones that are running Android Version 5.0 or older.

We do not currently have an app on the Apple App Store as our submissions continue to be rejected due to “objectionable content.” iOS users find it convenient to save our URL https:/ to their home screen for easy access to the site.