Gab Groups

Groups are a feature to help users find other members of the site that have similar interests.

Only Pro users can Create Groups, but anyone can join a group.

In order to find or join a group, find the Groups tab on the left hand side of the page and click "See More"

From this page, you can scroll through popular groups on Gab and pick the ones that you'd like to join.

Once a member of a group, it will show under your Groups tab on the left for easy access in the future. 

Once a member of a group, you can invite others and also share the group to your followers.

If you are the Creator of the group, you will have moderator rights.
-You can change the Cover photo of the group, as well as edit the group description to let people know what the group is about.

-You can delete content that has been posted in the group that is off-topic or irrelevant to what the Group should be talking about.
-You can also Pin a post to the top of the Group page.

Groups are searchable and will show up in search results on the right side of the page.