Feed Filters

Click on "Feed Settings" located under  Useful on the left hand side of the page or click on the Feed Settings tab in your settings. 

The Feed Filter is the tool we provide our users so they can curate their feed.

  • Add users & words you do not want to see in your feed to the Muted Users and Muted Words boxes.
  • Users you mute will not know they have been muted and you will not unfollow them. Any notifications you receive from them will be sent to your spam tab.

Example: I really like @support’s content but I don’t want to see anything in my feed about the trend #bugfixes.

In this scenario you can add the hashtag #bugfixes to muted words so you will still see @support’s content, but nothing about #bugfixes.

This feature works for both words and hashtags.

Check the "Show replies in your feed" to have comments being made on posts by users you follow show up in your feed.

•Activating the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filter will mean content marked as NSFWwill show up as “sensitive material” in your feed and you will need to  manually opt in to view it.

•If this filter is not enabled (not checked), content that is marked as NSFW will show up regularly in your feed.
•Checking the “Hide Premium Content” setting will not display premium content on your feed that you are not subscribed to.