Making Money

As a Pro user you have the ability to get rewarded for the content you create.

Sign up as a Premium Content Creator and start making money on Gab today!

Simply navigate to the “ Making Money” tab in settings and follow the steps to sign up.

By becoming a Premium Content Creator, other users can tip you on your GabTV Videos. 

You can also tip other users while watching their streams by clicking on the "Appreciate" button. 

Create premium content by clicking on the "premium" box while composing a post. Once published, the content of the post will only be able to be seen by those who have subscribed to you.

After you have signed up as a premium content creator, you can manage your premium account from the making money tab in settings. This chart shows how many subscribers you have, as well as the total balance of subscriptions plus tips. Click on Premium Settings to set your monthly subscription fee.

On this screen you can set the monthly price to subscribe to your premium content. This account has their monthly fee set at $1. 

The settings on this page determine where you will make your money on Gab.

  • Enabling tips on your GabTV streams and videos will allow users to tip your video content on Gab. 
  • You must be enabled as a premium content creator in order to use this setting. Being enabled as a premium content creator allows other users to subscribe to you for a monthly fee.