Hovering over the bell icon will display a pop-up window with quick notifications. If you want more details, or to see the whole list, click on the icon.

When in your notifications panel, notifications are sorted according to Mentions, Likes, Reposts, or Follows.

Clicking on the Spam button will show you all of the notifications that you have set feed filter settings for.  For example, muted users, words, hashtags, etc.

The gear button will take you to your feed settings.

Different colored dots mean different things in your Notifications Panel:

Green = Content of yours that has been liked

Pink = Content you have been mentioned in

Purple = Content of yours that has been reposted

Blue = Gabbers who have followed you recently

If the dots are filled in, it means they are new notifications you have not seen yet.

If the dots are not filled in, it means you have already seen those notifications.

Click on any post to expand the conversation and see what other people have replied.

In Account Settings:

Unchecking Email notification settings means Gab will not send you emails when you get any of these types of notifications. If you wish to receive email notifications, check which ones you want, and they will be sent to the email address associated with your Gab account. Email notifications can sometimes land in spam, so be sure to check all folders in your inbox.

If you wish to receive sound notifications while you have Gab opened on your browser, make sure the "Sound alerts" box is checked under Other