•Verification is currently available for donors, investors, and Pro users.
•If you are applying for verified status, you will need to display your full ( FIRST & LAST) name in the NAME section of your profile. Your @username can be anything you want. Having your full name in the @username section will not count.•
Proper Display Name Format:  
John Smith
Improper Display Name Format
J. Smith
Note: Proper format means there is a space between your first and last name. Capitalization is up to you. Use of first or last initials will result in an application rejection.
Note: Proper Format means no symbols/emojis in your display name. If you have your proper name, but there are symbols before, within, or after it, you will not be approved until they are removed.
•If you are a Pro user applying from settings, you will be required to submit a valid ID so that we can verify that you are who you say you are. Once your application has been processed, all records you have submitted will be deleted, as we do not store personal information.
•We do not currently have a standardized policy for verifying personas/brands/pseudonym accounts. Only a handful of these accounts have been verified after being reviewed on a case by case basis. However, accounts that have a recognizable number of followers on alternative media platforms may be considered. If you would like additional information about how to get your brand or persona verified, please email us at
•Business accounts may be verified if documentation of company ownership and registration can be provided.
Examples of proper documentation include:
  • Valid Government-Issued ID of account holder
  • Registration docs such as 
    • EIN Doc
    • Incorporation Docs
    • Doing Business As Docs

Note: The name on the ID MUST MATCH the name on the business documents provided.