Exploring Gab

To open a pop-up with additional information about a user, hover your mouse over their avatar/icon.

Pop up will display the user's score, number of followers, number following, and includes their bio.

There are three ways to expand posts:

1. You can click on the timestamp to take you to a new page.
2. You can click anywhere in the post box to open it in a popup.  
3. Click on the "comment" button to expand the post within the feed and view the replies to the post.
Click on the "Explore" tab to view the latest news and popular content on Gab. Content on the Explore page is in real-time and is constantly refreshing.

This is where you can discover new content and users to connect with. 

The Who to Follow list is a list of suggested accounts and people to follow. When on a category or topic's page, the list will be populated with accounts that are posting about that topic or category. This is located at the bottom left of your screen under the Topics section.

Our Topics feature is located to the left of your feed. It offers curated categories that users can browse to discover new content and what Gabbers are currently talking about.

Click on “View All” to browse previous featured topics or to create your own topic. Click on the ”+ CreateTopic” link to create your own live topic and start your own discussion thread.

Under the Useful section, you will find the feed filter settings button.

Here you will also find links to our Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

Use the search function to find users, topics and content on Gab. Topics will be returned in the upper right side of the page, with user results underneath. Posts and content hits will appear in the main part of the feed with the ability to sort by best match, latest, and popular.

If you can't find what you're looking for with a basic search, try the advanced search feature. 
Click on the funnel icon to expand your parameters and do a more detailed search.

If you know the username you’re looking for, you can always navigate directly to their profile by typing their username in the URL.

Example: https://gab.ai/support