Click on your avatar in the upper right corner for a drop down menu where you can access your profile, settings, or log out of your account. 

Click on the "My Profile" Link to access your profile.

On your profile you will see your cover photo, profile photo, and bio.

Click the camera icons to change your profile and cover photos.

Tip: Profile pictures must be a 1:1 ratio with a 1MB max size. Cover photos must be 315 X 850 px with a 3MB max size

Using a cover photo with a ratio of 1700 X 630 will scale it down to 315 X 850

Underneath your profile photo, you will find your biography (which can be updated in your settings) and also the month and year you joined Gab.

Every time someone up-votes your content, you earn a point, and every time someone down-votes your content, a point will be taken away.

Remember, downvoting someone else's content will cost you 1 point.

The sum of these interactions is displayed on your profile page in the leftmost column. 

Remember, you need a score of 250 and a verified email address in order to use downvotes!

The other tabs on your profile display how many posts you have made, how many videos you've uploaded, and how many followers you have, and how many people you are following, respectively. If you have not uploaded any videos, you will not have a videos tab.

Gab users have the ability to pin an original post to the top of their profile page.

Click on the post drop down menu and there will be an option to pin/unpin your post. 
Pinning a post will cause it to stay at the top of your profile

Sort the content on your profile by original posts and by your comments, or replies to others.