Creating, Viewing & Engaging With Content

You can compose gabs by clicking on the box that says "Write a new post" located on the Homepage, or by clicking on the pencil icon located to the right of your profile icon at the top. 

Posts are referred to as "Gabs." 

You have 300 characters to express yourself, keeping in mind our Guidelines that can be found at and are also located at the bottom of the left hand column.

Click inside the text box to type a gab. Click “publish” to post.

If you wish to post in a particular topic or group, make sure you have navigated to that topic or group's specific page before you write your post.

Click on the GIF button to browse our GIF library. 

Click Photo to upload images from your device to Gab. Images currently have a 10mb max size and you can upload 4 at a time.

Click “ Poll” to create a poll and survey your fellow Gabbers.

You can add up to 5 different possible responses. 

Check the "Share On Twitter" box to connect your Twitter account. This will give you the ability to automatically tweet anything you post on Gab.

Please make sure you review our guidelines before posting anything on Gab. If the content you are posting is obscene, or generally Not Safe For Work (NSFW) please check the NSFW box before posting.

Review our guidelines at

Your main feed is the area that displays content from gabbers you are following, unless you have them or specific content they share muted. 

Content on Gab runs on a voting system. Up-voting content is essentially “liking” it. Down-voting is “disliking” it.

Click on either the up or down arrows underneath a post to engage with it and “vote” for that piece of content.

The numbers you see next to the arrows represent the total amount of up or down-votes that post has received. 

Note: Downvoting content costs 1 point. In order to use downvotes, a user must first accumulate a score of 250 points and have a verified email address. Please check the spam or junk folders for the email associated with your account for a confirmation email. If you cannot find it, please email us at [email protected] You will need to confirm your email address before being able to follow more than 100 users.

Click on the "Comment" button below a post and type your comment in the box to engage with other users and reply to their content. This will also expand the reply thread so you can see all of the other comments users have made on this content. 

Reposting will share the content with your followers so they can see it as well. This feature is only available for public accounts. To undo a repost, simply click on the "reposted" button again.

The Quote button will allow you to repost this content and also add your own comment to it. 

Follow your favorite topics by clicking on the star next to the topic title. 

After being favorited, the topic will show up under your "Favorites" menu at the top of the left sidebar.