Q: I am trying to create an account and am receiving an error. What am I doing wrong?

A: There could be a few things wrong with the credentials you are using to sign up. 

  • Please make sure there are no spaces in the username, email or password fields as this will cause an error. 
  • The username you are trying to sign up with may already be taken. You can try another username or contact support by emailing us at [email protected] to verify if the username is available.
  • The email you are trying to use to create an account with is already associated with a username in our system. This can happen if you have previously signed up with Gab but do not remember your login credentials and are trying to create a new account. We would recommend requesting a password reset link by clicking on the "Forgot password?" link from the login page or emailing us at support at [email protected]

Q: I am trying to sign in and am receiving an "Invalid Credentials" error. I have to reset my password every time just to log in.

A: Usually this happens when attempting to sign in with an invalid username. Please make sure you are signing in with your actual username, and not your display name. 

If you are trying to sign in with your email address, make sure it is the email address associated with your Gab account.

Q: How can I find out what my username is?

A: Your username is also referred to as your "handle." It is the name associated with your account and profile's URL. You use your username to sign in to your account. 

For example, Support's username is @Support, not Gab Support. Gab Support would be the account's display name. You can also find your display name by navigating to your profile and looking at the URL link. For example, Support's URL is: https://gab.com/support

Q: Where can I submit feedback and suggestions?

A: Inside of Gab, users can tag @support in their posts if they have questions or feedback. We appreciate any and all suggestions users may have and we take our goal of putting users first seriously. If users have suggestions they can use the hashtag #GabFeatureRequest or #GabSuggestions in their posts. 

Please be aware that we still have a lot of growing to do and are working hard everyday to make improvements to the site. All suggestions are welcome and we also appreciate your patience while we build everyone a great place to speak freely. 

Q: Where can I buy Gab Merchandise?

A: We have Official Gab Merchandise available at  https://shop.gab.com

Q: I’ve encountered a bug or an error, what should I do?

A: As Gab grows there will be bugs and issues that we need to work out. To report bugs inside of Gab you can tag @support and also use the hashtag #BugReport.  Due to the many notifications our @support account receives daily, we ask that you scan through the @support profile as well as the #BugReport tag to see if your question has already be answered. If you can’t find the answer, then please notify us of the problem. Understand that we may only respond if we need additional information or circumstances of the bug.

We also have a Group on Gab where you can report and look for already reported bugs: 


Q: How do I change my password?

A: There is a “forgot password” button from the sign-in screen. You may also change it from your settings.

If you are not receiving the password reset link to your email, please contact us at [email protected]

Q: When will there be a mobile app?

A : Apple continues to reject our app submissions due to “objectionable content.” Our Android app has been recently removed from the Google Playstore due to a violation of their “hate speech policy”. We currently have the APK available for download at https://gab.com/about/android.

In the meantime, mobile users can access https://gab.com through their smart phone web browser and save the link to their homepage. This will enable gabbers to have easier access to the site from their phones.

Q: How do I get verified (a blue checkmark?)

A: At Gab we do not believe in using verification as a form of promoting celebrities or popular users. We use verification as a form of verifying identities. Accounts with the ability to be verified include donors, investors, and Pro users.

If you would like more information about verification, please see our dedicated verification section.  https://help.gab.com/article/23-verification

Q: How do I find people?

A: Use the search feature to search for specific content or users. Topic and username results will be shown on the right side of the page. If you know the username you’re looking for, you can always navigate directly to their profile by typing their username in the URL.

Example:    https://gab.com/support

If you can't find what you're looking for with a basic search, try out our advanced search feature. Start by clicking on the funnel icon after conducting a regular search. With the advanced search, you will have more entry options and filter parameters.

Q: How do I confirm my email address?

A: A confirmation email was sent to you when you signed up. Check your inbox, spam, and junk folders for the email associated with your Gab account. If you cannot find it, please send us an email from that address to [email protected] so we can confirm it for you.

Q: Why can't I follow more than 100 users?

A: In order to follow more than 100 users you will need to confirm your email address. A confirmation email was sent to you when you signed up. Check your inbox, spam, and junk folders for the email associated with your Gab account. If you cannot find it, please send us an email from that address to [email protected] so we can confirm it for you.

Q: How do I import contacts from other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter?

A: This feature is not yet available on Gab.

Q: I saw that Gab released an API, how do I gain access?

A: Pro members have the ability to sign up for API Access from their settings.