Gab Pro

Pro grants you additional features like Lists, Group Creation, GabTV Livestreaming, Verification, Extended Character Count, features like bold, italic, underlining, and premium content creation.


$5.99/ month

$14.99/ 3 months

$29.95/ 6 Months

$59.99/ year

Click on the " Billing" tab in your settings to sign up.

Note: When upgrading to Pro from your settings, you are signing up for a subscription service. This means that your payment method will be automatically charged on your due date. 

If you wish to only make manual payments, you can do so by purchasing Gab Pro from our Shop:

With lists, you can group users based on interests which allows you to create custom feeds. Add a user to a list directly from their profile. You can also add them from the list page itself.

As a Pro member, you have the ability to apply for verified status from your settings. Please see our article about Verification for information about our policies and what is required for applying.

Category Insights are another feature of Gab Pro.

When visiting a user’s profile, you will see the top three topics that they post about most often.  This will only appear for other members, and not on your personal profile.

This feature can be helpful when looking for new gabbers to follow who post about specific topics. It can also help you curate your lists.

As a Pro member, you will be able to bookmark, or save, posts that you want to refer back to later.
Click the save post button located in the drop down menu to save the post.

Access your saved posts anytime by finding the Saved Posts tab in the "Useful" section on the left hand column underneath Feed filter settings. There is also a link in the profile drop down menu.

Pro members can go live on GabTV whenever they want!

•Llivestreamers need to use third-party apps like OBS Broadcaster, Larix, and others to go live.
•Streamers can choose to broadcast both a live or a prerecorded video/audio stream.
Please see our section on GabTV for additional information about how to go live, and how to upload pre-recorded videos.

As a Pro user you have the ability to get rewardedfor the content you create.

Sign up as a Premium Content Creator and start making money on Gab today!

Simply navigate to the “ Making Money” tab in settings and follow the steps to sign up.

Read more about Making Money on Gab:

Pro members have an  extended character count of up to 3000 characters!

They also have the ability to use special formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, and block quoting.

Pro users have the ability to select favorite users to follow. You can favorite a user by visiting their profile and clicking the star icon next to their name. Activating this feature will add the user to the "Favorites" menu at the top of your left sidebar. 

Create a group by clicking on "Groups" on the left and then clicking "See More." Once on the Groups page click + Create Group. 

Pro users can create groups, but anyone is able to join them.