In your Account Settings you will find fields to enter your Name, Username (without the @), email, and short bio.

If you are verified, you will be unable to change your name, but you can update everything else as you wish.

Unchecking the Email notification settings means Gab will not send you emails when you get any of these types of notifications.

Checking the Privacy box will make your account private.  This means:

•Anyone who is not following you will not be able to see your content 
•You must approve any new followers
•Private Gabs will not appear in third-party search engines
•Private Gabs are only searchable by you and your followers 
•Private content cannot be reposted.

On Gab, a verification badge shows that a person is who they say they are. Verification is available for Pro members, donors, and investors. If you are a Pro member, you can apply for verified status from your settings.

To apply, upload an image of yourself holding a government-issued ID card with the name section visible. No other information on the ID is needed. Once verified, this information is immediately deleted.

For additional information about our Verification policy, please visit the  article we have published specifically about verification. 
If you have additional questions about the verification process, please email us at [email protected]

Click on Billing to upgrade your account to Pro. 

$5.99/ month

$29.95/ 6 Months

$59.99/ year

Pro grants you additional features like Lists, GabTV Livestreaming, Verification, Extended Character Count in posts, features like bold, italic, underlining in posts, and premium content creation.

On Gab you can subscribe to users who create premium content for a monthly price that they set.

Use the Subscriptions tab to manage and view the creators you are already subscribed to. 

Click on Feed Filters: This is referred to as #SeeNoEviland it is the tool we provide our users so they can curate their feed.

Add users & words you do not want to see in your feed to these boxes.

Users you mute will not know they have been muted and you will not unfollow them. Any notifications you receive from them will be sent to your spam tab.

Example: I really like @support’s content but I don’t want to see anything in my feed about the trend #bugfixes.

In this scenario you can add the hashtag # bugfixes to muted words so you will still see @support’s content, but nothing about #bugfixes.

This feature works for both words and hashtags.

•Activating the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filter will mean content marked as NSFW will show up as “sensitive material” in your feed and you will need to  manually opt in to view it.
•If this filter is not enabled (not checked), content that is marked as NSFW will show up regularly in your feed.
•Checking the “Hide Premium Content” setting will not display premium content on your feed that you are not subscribed to.

Pro users  have the ability to get rewarded for the content they create.

Sign up as a Premium Content Creator and start making money on Gab today!

Navigate to the “Making Money” tab in settings and follow the steps to sign up. For more information about how to make money on Gab, please visit the article we have published about "Making Money." 

Click "Delete Account" to delete your account.

This will delete your account completely and you will forfeit your @username.

There will be no way to recover your account if you wish to reinstate it in the future

You can also log-out of your account from the settings menu.