Gab Basics

Your feed is the area that displays content from gabbers you are following, unless you have them or specific content they share muted. 

Content on Gab runs on a voting system. Up-voting content is essentially “liking” it. Down-voting is “disliking” it.

Click on either the up or down arrows underneath a post to engage with it and “vote” for that piece of content.

The numbers you see next to the arrows represent the total amount of up/down-votes that post has received. 

* Note: In order to use downvotes, a user must first accumulate a score of 250 points and have a verified email address. Downvoting content costs 1 point.

Click the Reply button to engage with other users and comment on their content.

Reposting will share the content with your followers so they can see it as well. This feature is only available for public accounts.

The Quote button will allow you to repost this content and also add your own comment to it. 

You can compose gabs by clicking on the box that says "Write a new post" located on the Homepage, or by clicking on the pencil icon located on the right of the search bar at the top. 

You have 300 characters to express yourself, keeping in mind our Guidelines that can be found at and are also located at the bottom of the Trending Hashtags column on the left.

Click inside the text box to type. Click “publish” to post.

If you wish to post in a particular category or live topic make sure you have navigated to that category’s specific page before you write your post.

Click on the GIF button to browse our GIF library. 

Click Photo to upload images from your device to Gab. Images currently have a 10mb max size and you can upload 4 at a time.

Check the "Share On Twitter" box to connect your Twitter account. This will give you the ability to automatically tweet anything you post on Gab.

Click “Poll” to create a poll and survey your fellow Gabbers.

You can add up to 5 different possible responses. 

Please make sure you review our guidelines before posting anything on Gab. If the content you are posting is obscene, or generally Not Safe For Work (NSFW) please check the NSFW box before posting.

Review our guidelines at

If a post is marked as NSFW, the content will show up as "sensitive material" for users who have enabled their NSFW filter from their feed settings. They can opt in to see the content if they wish.

Gab has editing! Find your post on either the homepage or your profile and click on the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post.

Click on “Edit post”

A window will pop up with your original Gab and will allow you to edit your post. Click Publish to save!

If a post has been edited, it will say “edited” next to the timestamp. Click on this link to see the edit history of the post.

To open a pop-up with additional information about a user, from your main feed, hover your mouse over their avatar/icon.

Pop up will display the user's score, number of followers, number following, and includes their bio.

There are two ways to expand posts:

•You can click on the timestamp to take you to a new page.
•You can click anywhere in the post box to open it in a popup.  
Click on your avatar in the upper right corner for a drop down menu where you can access your profile, settings, switch to dark mode, or log out of your account. If you are on a free account you will have the option to upgrade.
Hovering over the bell icon will display a pop-up window with  quick notifications. If you want more details, or to see the whole list, click on the icon.
Notifications can be sorted according to Mentions, Likes, Reposts, or Follows. 

Clicking on the Spam button will show you all of the notifications that you have set feed filter settings for.  For example, muted users, words, hashtags, etc. The gear icon will take you to your feed filter settings.

Different colored dots mean different things on your Notifications Page:

Green = Content of yours that has been liked

Pink = Content you have been mentioned in

Purple = Content of yours that has been reposted

Blue = Gabbers who have followed you recently

If the dots are filled in, it means they are new notifications you have not seen yet.

If the dots are not filled in, it means you have already seen those notifications.

Click on any post to expand the conversation and see what other people have replied.

Click on the "Explore" tab to view popular content. Content on this page is in real-time and is constantly refreshing.

Explore is your go-to source for the latest news stories circulating on Gab.

This is where you can discover new content and users to connect with. 

Our Topics feature is located to the left of your feed. It offers curated sub-categories that users can browse to discover new content and what Gabbers are currently talking about.

Click on “View All” next to “Topics” to browse current and previous featured topics. Click on the ”+ Create Topic” link to create your own live topic and start your own discussion thread for the community to interact with.

Located under the Topics section, you will find different Categories that are available for you to browse and post in. These are different from topics, as topics are constantly changing. Categories are constant and encompass a broader variety of things.

Under the "Useful" section, you will find the feed filter settings button, a link to our shop, and help pages.

Here you will also find links to our Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy

Click on the "Messages" tab to access your messages.

Note: You can add up to 50 users to a single chat room.

Click on the + icon to start a new group.

Title your group and then click + again.

Add a user to your chat by typing in their username on the right and hitting enter or clicking the +.

Messages will delete after 24 hours!

Remove the group by clicking "Remove Room". Other users will instead have the option to leave the room.

Use the search feature to search for specific content or users. Topic and username results will be shown on the right side of the page. If there are no hits this space will be empty.

If you know the username you’re looking for, you can always navigate directly to their profile by typing their username in the URL.


If you can't find what you're looking for with a basic search, try out our advanced search feature. Start by clicking on the funnel icon after conducting a regular search. With the advanced search, you will have more entry options and filter parameters.

Click on the shortcut to your profile.

On your profile you will see your cover photo, profile photo, and bio.

Click the camera icons to change your profile and cover photos.

Tip: Profile pictures must be a 1:1 ratio with a 1MB max size. Cover photos must be 315 X 850 px with a 3MB max size

Using a cover photo with a ratio of 1700 X 630 will scale it down to 315 X 850

Every time someone up-votes your content, you earn a point, and every time someone down-votes your content, a point will be taken away.

Remember, downvoting someone else's content will cost you 1 point.

The sum of these interactions is displayed on your profile page in the leftmost column. Remember, you need a score of 250 and a verified email address in order to use downvotes!

The other tabs on your profile display how many posts you have made, how many followers you have, and how many people you are following, respectively.

Gab users have the ability to pin an original post to the top of their profile page.

Click on the post drop down menu and there will be an option to pin/unpin your post. Pinning your post will cause it to stay at the top of your profile